About Us

Research Computing facilitates the advancement of research by providing leading-edge computing services. We are also known as Research Information, Technology, and Consulting (RITC), a department within the Dartmouth College division of Information, Technology, and Consulting,

Computational resources are available for high-performance and scientific computing, bioinformatic analysis, visualization, and data storage. Research Computing continually expands its services and technologies, ensuring researchers have access to a world-class computational environment. We are committed to developing a responsive and highly capable computing infrastructure that helps researchers with big data challenges of the future across all academic disciplines at Dartmouth.

Research Computing is a centrally funded Dartmouth Core Facility, part of Information Technology Services. We offer support in all academic research domains: GIS, statistics, humanities, engineering, life sciences, physics, chemistry, etc…

Much like the library, we provide a free, as well as customized fee-based, service to support the Dartmouth Research Community at larger (including PIs, post-docs, research associates, and graduate/undergraduate students) for all your computational needs, such as:

• High-Performance Computing (HPC) with the Discovery Cluster and other dedicated hardware solutions
• Data Support — large-scale, shared, lab storage for academic and research purposes
• Systems Support — Virtual Machines, etc.
• Software Support — research software licensing and support (Matlab, R, ArcGIS, CLC Genomics Workbench, etc.)
• Training — use of HPC, software/tools, etc. Regularly scheduled or tailor-made to your needs (lab, small group, one-on-one)
• Software Development / Programming / High Performance or Parallel Programming
• Visualization of data
• Grant Support — technology support, writing and software/hardware configuration, custom development, and budgeting
• Consulting — project and management support

Take a look at our RC brochure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Research.Computing@dartmouth.edu. We will be happy to meet one-on-one, in groups/labs, or just come by and answer any questions.